Bangalore, DH News Service august , 2009

Kempegowda day

Bangalore: Nadaprabhu Kempe Gowda’s birth anniversary be declared as the State holiday as he did not represent only one caste or community but the entire society,'' said the Karnataka High Court Judge Justice Huluvadi G Ramesh. Sarojadevi was felicitated on the occasion

He was speaking on the occasion of 497th birth anniversary of Kempe Gowda, the founder of Bangalore city. The HC Judge viewed that Kempe Gowda was not merely a human being but an institution in himself. He asserted that Kempe Gowda was secular in his approach, due to which he could found a secular city, which has embraced all the communities. “As is said about the British rulers that sun never sets, the same can be attributed to Bangaloreans who are working in various parts of the world and are the representatives of Kempe Gowda

 Cinestar of yesteryears B Saroja Devi said Kempe Gowda could not get the due respect because he was born in the Vokkaliga community. Had he born in some other community he would have got more regard and publicity. She said she would support the peaceful movement to save the Kempambudhi Hebbal Lake. She was felicitated on the occasion.

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