Startrek November 2001

Gemini Ganesan walks down the memory lane

Gemini Ganesan is bored speaking about his life. ‘‘I am tired of repeating the same life history to journalists,’’ says Gemini Ganesan.

But after much persuasion, he gives in. Born on November 17, 1920 into a Brahmin family in Pudukottai, Ganesan (the Gemini was a later addition) had his early education there. When he was in the third form, Ganesan, along with his mother, shifted to Randall’s Street (now known as the EVK Sampath Salai). After completing his schooling and graduation from the Madras Christian College, he joined his alma mater as a tutor. While on a visit to his village in Pudukottai district, his mother showed him a letter from the prestigious Gemini Studio.

‘‘I was very surprised because I had never applied for any post at Gemini Studio, and getting a job there was tough,’’ says Ganesan, who got his famous first name from Gemini Studio. The actor was told that S S Vasan (owner of Gemini Studio) was on the lookout for more educated people to join him. ‘‘I was interviewed by S S Vasan and was appointed as an assistant to Production Manager Ramnath.’’ Ganesan was offered a salary of Rs 150 per month. Ramnath quit his job after two years and Ganesan took charge of the production unit.

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